Whiting closed half-open door by Red Bull

Red Bull tested new system at Monza (fot. Red Bull Racing)

Since the beginning of the season McLaren was working on tyres and breaks temperature management system. It was quite simple idea that allowed them to change size of the hole in a break drum, during the tyre change. All important informations about that system and stages of development you can find in my analysis.

According to latest edition of Autosprint, Red Bull also conducted well advanced work in that area. Giorgio Piola suggested that system was first time tested during practice sessions at Monza. Unlike to McLaren, engineers in Milton Keynes designed fully automatic system, to manage tyres and breaks temperature. Design is simple, lightweight and and is based on the force acting in the longitudinal direction of the car. Small window (or windows) in brake drum opens in the braking phase and closes when the car begins to accelerate.

Red Bull was able to keep their tests in secret and case came to light in Austin, during a brief meeting with Charlie Whiting. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the key technical issues, like DRS usage, for 2013 season. Some time ago Milton Keynes based team asked FIA for clarification of technical regulations, especialy about variable brakes geometry. Unfortunately for Red Bull, FIA Technical Delegate stated that brakes geometry can be change only in pit stop, just like a front wing angle.

This is a clear signal that 2013 season preparations started long time ago and many new ideas were tested under our noses.