Kubica: When I’m driving a car, this car I don’t feel big limitations

Last weekend Robert Kubica won Rally Citta di Bassano. It was his third rally and second win since he got back behind the wheel. Second in overal Manuel Sossella (Citroen C4 WRC) lost to Subaru Impreza WRC driven by Polish driver more than one minute. Robert together with his co-driver Emanuele Inglese showed great pace in rainy and changing conditions.

Here you can find transcript of short interview with Robert recorder for TVP Sport just after last stage of Rally Citta di Bassano.

Eryk Melgwa: Congratulations Robert. Great win, second in last three weeks. How do you feel?

Robert Kubica: Nice but a little bit tired. It was long day since 6:30 a.m. in the car. Hard day because the weather was very variable. First run on slicks and wet surface wasn’t easy, and now on this last part we have some problems with differential. We are in this place and now we have to make another 300 meters to reach finish line. I hope we can do this.

EM: You can do this for sure. What’s next?

RK: What’s next? Tommorow I will have some time to rest. In Monday I will back to my rehabilitation routine and I will see. Monday, start of new week so we will see. It’s possible that I will be focused on some other things, so I will not be in a rally car by next month.

EM: How important was this rally for you?

RK: A lot of positive things. Today’s 120 kilometers of special stages – physically very good, mentally even better. Special stages on hard slicks, on wet surface were not easy and concentration had to be on the highest level. So from that point of view it was very good. You need to tread firmly on the ground, still long way to go especially with my hand. When I’m driving a car, this car I don’t feel big limitations. This is reassuring but it’s not a reason for excitement. I still need to work.